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Dogs are creatures of habits, great farha dog training, is key to prevent mistakes and establish good habits early, farha dog training blog, is right place for dog training to clearly communicate and reinforce commands with below tips, please accept to eliminate dog negative behavior, certainly, wix dog gone crazy, provide best dog training products and you all, like farha dog training on for training your dogs.


However, consider below phrases and welcome to, your farha dog training

Never reward your dog for negative behavior. Don’t feed your dog when he is barking, don’t let him out when he is barking and scratching, don’t pet him if he is scared or acting up. Don’t pay attention to him if he is jumping or begging for attention.


Correct Bad Behavior If your dog is doing something you don’t want say ‚No‛ then correct the action. You must be there exactly when it happens otherwise there is no point in trying to correct it at that time. Stage a situation to catch them in the act. Like putting out food if they jump up on the counter. Be there to say No and correct them. Do not use your dog’s name when saying No, disciplining, or anything negative.

Chewing As a puppy and while your dog is new to your home you must be around it whenever it is not in the crate. If it starts to chew something it is not supposed to chew. Quickly say No, and then give it something it is allowed to chew. Housebreaking If you catch your dog about to eliminate indoors or during elimination slap a wall or stomp to startle him and take him outside. Don’t let him see that you made the noise. His focus will hopefully change from eliminating so you can then take him outside and he can eliminate. When your dog eliminates outside successfully praise him enthusiastically.


Take your puppy out every 45 minutes, just after a play session, shortly after eating. Have a term ‚Go Potty‛ to tell your dog to get on with it, helpful as they get older. When taking your dog out you walk out first (pack leader).

Walking Your Dog Slowly get your dog used to the leash, let him drag it around and get used to having it. As a puppy get it used to being on a lead indoors first. Have it follow you around and be near you in your home. Let’s Go No-Pull to teach heeling: Let’s Go‛ give a treat, when your dog walks in front or pulls stop. When he looks back praise him and begins walking again with leash slack. If he pulls stop.


Treat your dog for walking at your side. (Not sure if this is all correct) The time walking your dog is a particular type of exercise that is also establishing you as the pack leader. You are walking it, not the other way around. Don’t leash your dog for a walk until it is calm. Add a back with weight to give your dog more exercise and a job to do. Dogs love to work.

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